Mentoring Program: A Modest Start

Gil Ongchangco, a BS Mechanical Engineering graduate completed pilot sessions of UPAASF mentoring program last April 27. Tito Gil, to his mentees at Westbay After School Center, conducted, for 3 consecutive Fridays, special S&T classes on Plan Reading and Energy Conservation. There were 4 participants namely, Edrick Lesigues, Sophia Yabut, Jerome Pancho and Jonelle Neroza. The students were introduced to the basic concepts of reading building plans and at the end of the session, the kids were asked to submit a scaled layout of their apartments. As a hands on project, the kids worked as a team and assembled a book shelf.

The second topic Gil taught was on Energy Conservation. Using their apartment layout, the kids marked and listed energy spots and home gadgets such as refrigerators, television sets, computers, lamps etc. The purpose is to establish an energy consumption benchmark so they can do a before and after comparison of their monthly PG&E bill. The goal of the exercise is two fold -- one, educate the kids on energy use and two, find out if kids can be tapped to implement simple energy conservation steps. If successful, the project can be presented to energy companies for funding.

Folks we're off to a good start. Hopefully these modest gains inspire us to be part of our mentoring efforts. Way to go Tito Gil!