UPAASF and Westbay Kick Off S&T Mentoring Program

UPAASF and Westbay Pilipino Multi Service Center officers held a joint lunch meeting last Jan 21, 2012 in San Francisco. The meeting kicked off a science and technology mentoring project which is of shared interest to both organizations. The project will make use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemics (STEM) methodologies -- to motivate, coach and steer FilAm high school kids to science and technology (S&T) careers. The ultimate goal is to set the kids up for good paying jobs in the high tech industry.

Westbay, a well established after school center, will enhance their current after school curriculum and put emphasis into science and technology education. For its part, UPAASF will be a resource for curriculum development, mentoring and career counseling. It can also provide opportunities for job shadowing. The plan is to pilot test the revised S&T curriculum with several of Westbay's high school enrollees who are high achievers.

Those in attendance from UPAASF were Gabby Moraleda, Letty Quizon, Celly Carbonell, Malu Yee, Manny Gaspay, Roger & Itchie Diaz, Gil Ongchangco and Manolo Banzon. From Westbay came Rudy Asercion, Tina Novero and Charlie Borromeo.

Both groups agreed to work jointly to raise funds to sustain the endeavor. To seed the project, UPAASF gave $ 1000 to Westbay. The amount was matched by Central Coast Children Foundation (CCCF) of Monterey CA.